Hello world!

I figure if we all talk about the stuff that happens to us, we can share the pain, the glory and the experiences – making it better for some, different for others and hopefully entertaining for all!

I thought about having a business blog because I am into Social Media – now. I was into HR and Business Change Management and maybe one day I will go back to that…but for now, this is pushing my buttons. So I should not be the cobbler who has no shoes and will blog! I started a blog once, and it was about HR and Social Media, long before I knew how I would combine those things.  I fell into the trap of limiting my blog name (then not being able to change it – hilarious!) and then restricting what I could write about. So, starting afresh and there is much I do want to write about and lots of reasons for doing it. I’m now in the game, so I am practicing what I preach!

I don’t want to start too heavy though, so will save some of the business stuff for later. These are just some of the things I will write about:

Moving to an English speaking country – it ain’t all as easy as it seems!

Social Media as a whole of business strategy, not just a campaign.

Taking risks and reaping the benefits

Having a food allergy – not the boring bits, just some of the more entertaining stories…

and loads more either around these topics, or just “stuff” that I hope intrigues and invites discussion! Thanks for reading, stay tuned!