Hello world!

I figure if we all talk about the stuff that happens to us, we can share the pain, the glory and the experiences – making it better for some, different for others and hopefully entertaining for all!

I thought about having a business blog because I am into Social Media – now. I was into HR and Business Change Management and maybe one day I will go back to that…but for now, this is pushing my buttons. So I should not be the cobbler who has no shoes and will blog! I started a blog once, and it was about HR and Social Media, long before I knew how I would combine those things.  I fell into the trap of limiting my blog name (then not being able to change it – hilarious!) and then restricting what I could write about. So, starting afresh and there is much I do want to write about and lots of reasons for doing it. I’m now in the game, so I am practicing what I preach!

I don’t want to start too heavy though, so will save some of the business stuff for later. These are just some of the things I will write about:

Moving to an English speaking country – it ain’t all as easy as it seems!

Social Media as a whole of business strategy, not just a campaign.

Taking risks and reaping the benefits

Having a food allergy – not the boring bits, just some of the more entertaining stories…

and loads more either around these topics, or just “stuff” that I hope intrigues and invites discussion! Thanks for reading, stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Thanks for the intro in to this exciting new world. Love your page and you’ve defined the basics beautifully, can’t wait for more!


  2. Did you know this is how Tiger Woods introduced himself to the world? He had never won anything in professional golf; had won everything as an amateur; signed a $300million deal with Nike as soon as he decided to turn pro, and when he gave his first press conference to people in raptures about how good he was going to be, his first words to the media were “Hello world”. Looking back now; how apt was that? So you have something in common with the most recognisable sportsman on the planet!


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